Drainage Project at Grandview

SPRING/SUMMER 2012 Grandview has had a rainy season drainage problem on the “shelter field” (where the rain barrels are located) for years.    This spring/summer S.O.D.A. has partnered with the SeaTac Parks Department to address this problem.  The goal of this project is to create a below grade drainage trench to retain water coming off the hillside.  This will enable the water to seep into the soil rather than sitting on top of the field and becoming mud.  City workers have dug a two foot (oops! three foot) deep water retention ditch along the hillside that will collect the water running off the hill into the shelter field below.   SeaTac Parks donated wash rock and S.O.D.A. purchased drainage pipe for the project.  On Saturday, June 16, 2012, nearly thirty S.O.D.A. volunteers came to Grandview equipped with shovels and wheel barrows to fill the ditch with pipe and wash rock.  This group of volunteers put in a hard day of work moving all the available pipe and rock into the ditch.  BUT it turns out that the city had accidently dug the ditch 3 feet deep instead of 2 feet deep!  So volunteers ran out of rock to finish the job in one day.  S.O.D.A. had to then purchase a big double-load of wash rock so that a second work party could be held on Sunday, July 1, 2012, to move the additional rock into the remaining ditch.  About 15 volunteers showed up with their tools and finished the job at hand.  Later this summer this project will continue.  By having the SeaTac Parks Department dig additional trenching to the north end of the field, the completed drainage ditch will enable most of the water coming off the hillsides to be captured.  Hopefully this will prevent flooding on the low lying shelter field.     S.O.D.A. will need YOUR volunteer help with this drainage project when it continues later this summer…  Volunteering is FUN!

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