Saturday, September 24, 2016 : Ten Volunteers Complete Dog Park Project !

Thank you S.O.D.A.’s “Special Volunteers” for your Hard Work on Sat, Sept 24!dscn1118

If you were at the Dog Park on Saturday (Sept 24) you probably saw a group of ten very  hard working S.O.D.A. volunteers installing drainage, a landscape timber border and benches in the new “Gathering Place” on the south-east side of the Dog Park by the split-railed “Native Plant Garden” that was planted in May.  Once the two big piles of “Hog Fuel” at this location are spread at our Oct 22 Hog Fuel Work Party, this will be a lovely “restored” place to gather!  ENJOY!dscn1110

dscn1113      dscn1112                dscn1109

dscn1114      dscn1115

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