August 5, 2017: 420ft of Dog Park Fencing Replaced by S.O.D.A. Volunteers

Thank you S.O.D.A. Volunteers! “10” S.O.D.A. Volunteers donated their time to Marymoor Dog Park on Saturday, August 5th

These special volunteers worked together as a team to remove and replace 420ft of 14+yr old deteriorated/burned split-rail fencing along the dead-end of Lot G and & running along the “snag row” barrier fence line by the Sports Fields.  This fencing was originally installed in 2003 and is in bad shape after 16 years, especially since wild fire burned a section in Sept 2016. The day was HOT but these volunteers kept on workin’ and with a lot of sweat & enthusiasm they got the job done.  Thank you for your hard work volunteers – it was fun working with you!      Check out the Aug 5, 2017 Work Party Photo Gallery at:

NEW Split-Rail Fence!

OLD Burned Split-Rail Fence!


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