Thank you Oct 14 Volunteers! Last Work Party for 2017 will be Sat, Oct 28 – PLEASE HELP!

Now THAT was FUN!    71 Marymoor Dog Park Volunteers “Worked their Tails Off” on Saturday, Oct 14!

A heart felt “THANK YOU” goes out to the 71 volunteers that came out to Marymoor Dog Park on Saturday (Oct 14) to spread 7 piles of hog fuel.  Thanks to the super “Pitch-forkers” for knocking those hog fuel piles down!   Thanks to the awesome “Wheel-barrowers” for hauling that hog fuel down those long trails!  And to those volunteers who were willing to be “Rakers”, a special thanks for managing the hectic pace while spreading the hog fuel “just right” on the Dog Park trails – boom, boom,  boom!  The weather was beautiful, but it was the good cheer and team work spirit that made the day so much fun!  Whether you worked 1 hour or 4+ hours, every little bit of “effort” combined together to make for a productive and enjoyable day … don’t those trails look great?  THANK YOU VOLUNTEERS!

Volunteering is very FUN!  (The Oct 14 Work Party Gallery is up!  Go to and see who’s smiling!)

 LAST WORK PARTY FOR 2017 will be SATURDAY – October 28 – 9am until DONE!  There are still 4 (yes, 4!) piles of Hog Fuel left in the Dog Park that MUST be spread on Saturday, Oct 28!  Seriously, folks we need “Tons of Volunteers” to come on Saturday (Oct 28) to help get this work done.  Come early as we expect this work party to go FAST – every volunteer hour you donate does make a difference!  We are counting on you RAIN or SHINE – check-in at the S.O.D.A. canopy which will be located in the entrance of Parking Lot D (Wash Spot lot).  Please Come

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