Thank you Oct 14 Hog Fuel Work Party Volunteers!

Now THAT was FUN!    71 Marymoor Dog Park Volunteers “Worked their Tails Off” on Saturday, Oct 14!

A heart felt “THANK YOU” goes out to the 71 volunteers that came out to Marymoor Dog Park on Saturday (Oct 14) to spread 7 piles of hog fuel.  Thanks to the super “Pitch-forkers” for knocking those hog fuel piles down!   Thanks to the awesome “Wheel-barrowers” for hauling that hog fuel down those long trails!  And to those volunteers who were willing to be “Rakers”, a special thanks for managing the hectic pace while spreading the hog fuel “just right” on the Dog Park trails – boom, boom,  boom!  The weather was beautiful, but it was the good cheer and team work spirit that made the day so much fun!  Whether you worked 1 hour or 4+ hours, every little bit of “effort” combined together to make for a productive and enjoyable day … don’t those trails look great?  THANK YOU VOLUNTEERS!

Volunteering is very FUN!  (The Oct 14 Work Party Gallery is up!  Go to and see who’s smiling!)

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