The 2018 Annual Parking Pass Fundraiser Has Ended … 291 Passes Were Sold!

Every year S.O.D.A. has a fundraiser and sells “Annual Parking Passes” – the Annual Parking Passes that S.O.D.A. sells are good from the day of receipt prior to or during each new year until the last day of the new year.  We just had our “2018 Annual Parking Pass Fundraiser”.  We began selling 2018 Annual Parking Passes in Nov 2017 and sold them through Jan 31, 2018.  When S.O.D.A. sells the $100 annual parking pass during our fundraiser, $10 of the $100 parking pass fee is retained by S.O.D.A. to be used directly for Dog Park stewardship.  S.O.D.A. will not be selling Marymoor Parking Passes again until late November 2018 when we start our “2019 Annual Parking Pass Fundraiser”.  We do not sell partial year parking passes.

NOTE:  Marymoor Parking Passes are still available from the Marymoor Park Office – call 206-477-7375 for more information.  No portion of the Parking Pass fee from parking passes sold directly by King County Parks goes to S.O.D.A. for dog park stewardship.

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