S.O.D.A.’s “Special Fencing Volunteers” Replacing Old Split-Rail Fencing along Parking Lot G “Snag Row”

2003 S.O.D.A.. “Snag Row” Fencing Volunteers

Background Information:  In 2003 Marymoor Park received an  “Urban Reforestation Grant” for planting native trees & plants in what we now call “Snag Row”.   S.O.D.A. donated $6,000 worth of  fencing materials and 338 hours of volunteer labor to install all of the back-wired split rail fencing along the Sports Field side and along the Dog Park/Lot G side of the planting site. In addition to installing the fence, many S.O.D.A. volunteers worked on planting Snag Row.   

Last August 2017,  S.O.D.A. volunteers replaced about 400 feet of this fencing along the Dog Park “Snag Row” border.  On Saturday, March 3, 2018, S.O.D.A. volunteers began replacing the Lot G “Snag Row” and paths leading to the sports field … read below:

2018 S.O.D.A. “Snag Row” Fencing volunteers

Saturday, March 3, 2018:  It was a beautiful spring-like day and Marymoor Dog Park was SO BUSY!  Especially BUSY were the ten volunteers that made up the “Special Fencing Crew” that worked so hard to take-down and replace 490 feet of old falling-down, decrepit fencing along Lot G’s “Urban Forest/Snag Row” Border.  Thank you S.O.D.A. Volunteers! for donating your time to this project … the new fencing looks GREAT!  Check out the March 3 Fencing Work Party Gallery at http://www.soda.org/marymoor-2018-gallery/ and see who’s Smilin’!

P.S.  S.O.D.A.’s “Special Fencing Crew” volunteers will be back in Lot G to finish removing and replacing the final 400+ feet of old fencing on Saturday, March 17, 2018


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