About Grandview

Grandview – 100% dedicated to Off-Leash Dog Recreation

Grandview at 37 acres boasts grassy fields, an all-weather play area and a long winding trail with fabulous views of Mt. Ranier and the Green River Valley.  Grandview sits on a double plateau.  The parking lot and the two entrances to Grandview sit on the upper plateau – two trails and a stairway lead down to a large grass field and an all-weather play area that used to be a soccer field.  Large logs (former light posts) surround the play area and provide seating for park users.  A paved walking trail circles the play area.  An open-air shelter in the large field provides shade in the summer and protection from rain in the winter.  Grandview Dog Park provides wide open spaces for dogs to romp, play and explore making it a popular destination for regional dog owners!

Parking Lot Safety – Leash dogs & do not leave valuables in your car

Parking spaces at Grandview are a distance from the entrances and even farther from the dog park play areas.  For safety’s sake, it is very important that your dog(s) are leashed while going to and from your vehicle and the dog park.  To prevent car break-ins, NEVER leave valuables in your car!

Drinking Water Available 

Grandview has two drinking fountains – one on the upper plateau and one down by the big play area.   When the fountains are shut off in the winter, rain barrels with spigots have been installed on the open-air shelter to provide water.    Drinking fountain water is paid for with your donations to S.O.D.A.!

Plastic “pick-up” bags are provided

You are required by law to pick up your dog’s feces and to properly dispose of it in the trash cans located throughout the dog park.   Plastic “pick-up” bags are located in dispensers next to trash cans.  Plastic bags and trash pick-up are paid for with your donations to S.O.D.A.!

Restroom Facility is provided

Located just inside the south parking lot entrance to Grandview, is a sani-can facility available for your usage.  Please do not dispose of dog feces in the portable toilets.  Sani-can service is paid for with your donations to S.O.D.A.!

Grandview is a Voice Control Off-Leash Dog Area

Grandview was established and is still intended for “voice control” off-leash dog recreation.  It is an open gated dog park.  While at the dog park, it is the responsibility of each dog owner to pay close attention to the whereabouts of their dog(s) and keep them under voice control at all times.  It is their responsibility to make sure that their dog(s) are well trained and have adequate recall skills to be off-leash.  The success of our dog park depends on dog owners being responsible for their dog(s) and making good judgements about whether or not their dog(s) are good “voice control” off-leash area candidates.  Off-leash does not mean out of control.

Enjoy your visit to Grandview Dog Park!

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