A New & Exciting Beginning for Grandview!

S.O.D.A.’s Management Contract for Grandview Dog Park expired at the end of 2014 … S.O.D.A. is no longer accepting donations designated for the care of Grandview.  We are pleased to announce that a new stewardship organization named DOGS OF GRANDVIEW SUPPORTERS (DOGS) has been formed.

DOGS will need your ongoing financial and volunteer support in order to keep off-leash fun and activity at Grandview:

Please go to the DOGS website www.grandviewoffleash.org for more information about this transition.

Please email grandviewoffleash@gmail.com to join the DOGS mailing list so that you can receive future updates about the exciting changes coming to Grandview!

S.O.D.A. is pleased to support the management transition of Grandview Dog Park to Dogs of Grandview Supporters (DOGS) by funding (paying for) the majority of the 2015 operational costs of Grandview. Organized by a core group of qualified Grandview Dog Park enthusiasts, DOGS has become a registered WA State non-profit corporation and has been approved for 501(c)(3) tax exempt status with a mission to continue supporting off-leash dog recreation at Grandview Park.  In February 2015, DOGS negotiated a new 10 year maintenance and operations contract with the City of SeaTac which will enable Grandview Park to continue as an off-leash recreation area going into the future.  DOGS will begin fundraising in 2015 to raise money so that they can assume all of the operational and stewardship costs of Grandview in 2016 and beyond.


It has always been S.O.D.A.’s belief that the success of off-leash recreation in any community depends heavily on establishing a responsible local stewardship group.  Community involvement is imperative to the success of any dog park.  When S.O.D.A. began supporting the operation and stewardship of Grandview Dog Park in 2003, off-leash recreation was a brand new concept in recreational land use.  With the growth of off-leash recreation nationwide and the proven success of this dog park, S.O.D.A. has set the stage to enable Grandview to thrive into the future. After 11 years of management, the time had come for S.O.D.A. to step back and let the people of South King County work independently with the City of SeaTac to take Grandview Dog Park into the future.  GO DOGS!