Volunteer at Marymoor

Information about the NEXT Marymoor Dog Park Work Party:  SAT. OCT 28  NOTE:  THIS IS THE LAST HOG FUEL WORK PARTY IN 2017!                  

ARE YOU PLANNING ON VOLUNTEERING SAT. Oct 28?  LET’S GET THOSE MARYMOOR DOG PARK TRAILS READY FOR WINTER! SATURDAY, Oct 28, 2017 – 9am until done.   There are only 4 piles of Hog Fuel left in Marymoor Dog Park waiting to be spread – this is our last work party for 2017 and we expect lots of volunteers to help – so please come early so you don’t miss all the fun!  Here’s everything you need to know about our Saturday, Oct 28 Work Party: 

 NOTE:  During Work Parties, volunteers must work together as a team under the supervision of S.O.D.A..  Please do not wander off on your own – stay with the group as directed – thank you!  

*  Pay for Parking!  Bring $1.00 and pay for parking to avoid receiving a $35.00 Parking Ticket …

*  What to do?  All volunteers MUST sign the “Volunteer Liability Waiver & Sign-In” form prior to beginning work.  The white S.O.D.A. canopy will be set up in the open area just inside the Lot D entrances. Lot D is where the Wash Spot is located. Please sign-in here and someone will direct you to your work site.    Be sure to Sign-Out before you leave!

 What about Kids?  Children under the age of 14 MUST be accompanied & supervised by a parent/legal guardian. Parent/legal guardian MUST sign the “Volunteer Liability Waiver” form for their child prior to volunteering.  Youth 14 – 17 years old who are not accompanied by a parent/legal guardian, MUST bring a filled out “Youth – Volunteer Information & Liability Release” form signed by a parent /legal guardian and present it prior to volunteering.  Email dogsoffleash@soda.org to request that this form be emailed to you.

 What to bring?  We will be resurfacing Dog Park trails with “hog fuel”.  S.O.D.A. will provide pitchforks, garden rakes and wheelbarrows.  If you have a wheelbarrow/cart that you like to use then bring it. Otherwise tools will be available for you to borrow.

*  What to wear?  Wear weather appropriate clothing – layers are recommended as you get warm when you are working hard!  Work gloves are strongly recommended!  This is a “rain or “shine” Work Party, so be prepared!  Keep your fingers crossed … the weather forecast is usually mixed!

 What about DOGS?  Dogs are welcome if they are good at sticking around and playing nicely with other dogs without a lot of supervision.  Use your judgment as to whether or not your dog should come!  You may want to bring water for your dog.

 What about lunch?  S.O.D.A. will be providing lunch for ALL volunteers.  We will bring the grill and cook delicious hot dogs (Veggie Dogs, too!).  Pop, water, chips & cookies will round off the menu!

 Need Community Service?  If you need Community Service credit, let Steve who will be working at the S.O.D.A. booth know and he will take information so that a Community Service Letter can be mailed to you or he will make sure that the community service form you bring gets signed.

 ALSO:  SPECIAL T – SHIRT SALE for VOLUNTEERS:  S.O.D..A. Volunteer t-shirt just $10.00!  Other S.O.D.A. T-shirts ($15.00 / $20.00) & S.O.D.A. hats ($20.00) also for sale!  Join S.O.D.A. or renew your membership!

It’s FUN to Volunteer See YOU Saturday, Oct 28!

S.O.D.A. is a 100% Volunteer Organization!

All maintenance and improvement work at Marymoor is done by volunteers under the organization and supervision of S.O.D.A..  Our contract with King County Parks mandates specific liability indemnification requirements in regards to volunteers.  Volunteer work is done during planned Work Parties and all volunteers must sign a “Volunteer Liability Waiver” form before participating in a Work Party.  Work Parties are organized on an “as needed” basis.  Some volunteer projects are prescheduled in advance and some are “spur of the moment”.  Some volunteer projects only need a small number of volunteers, others need large numbers.  Some projects need special volunteer “skills” and others are open to anyone.  Recruitment for small and special skill Work Parties is done from a “short list” of experienced volunteers.  Recruitment for Work Parties that are open to anyone who wants to participate is primarily done via our email database, postings on this website  and at times, with “PLEASE VOLUNTEER” flyers on sign boards throughout Marymoor Dog Park.  To be placed on S.O.D.A.’s email database, be sure to include your email address when you complete your S.O.D.A. membership/donation form.  S.O.D.A. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and your volunteer work does qualify for “Community Service” credit.  Note:  During Work Parties, volunteers must work together as a team under the supervision of S.O.D.A..  Please do not wander off on your own – stay with the group as directed – thank you!

YOU can be an EVERYDAY volunteer … Join the S.O.D.A. “Clean Team”!

Not all S.O.D.A. members and supporters are able to attend the big maintenance and improvement Work Parties that S.O.D.A. organizes.  But everyone can be an everyday volunteer by helping to keep our Marymoor Dog Park CLEAN!  Join the hundreds of dog park “Clean Team” participants that regularly carry extra “pick up bags” and use them to pick up missed “poops” and litter.  Our Dog Park is a valuable resource and you can help treat it with care and respect by voluntarily doing regular EXTRA clean-up each time you visit the Dog Park.

S.O.D.A. needs your $upport!

Please help us keep off-leash fun and activity at Marymoor by joining S.O.D.A.!