Sat, Sept 14 S.O.D.A.’s Special Fencing Crew Volunteers replaced 400ft of split-rail fencing at Old Dog Bridge*!

Saturday, Sept 14, was a very busy day at Marymoor Dog Park but park visitors and their dogs did an outstanding job of “DETOUR”-ing around the closed Work Site enabling the ten S.O.D.A. Special Fencing Crew Volunteers to more easily get the job done replacing 400ft of split-rail fencing across Old Dog Bridge & heading south and north along the ditch fence-lines.  The new split-rail fencing looks beautiful and gives the nearly 24 year old “dog bridge” the spruce-up it needed!  Thank you! Thank you!  Not only to the Work Party Volunteers, but also to the Dog Park visitors for their support!  Check out the Sept 14 Fencing Work Party Gallery at and see who’s Smilin’

*Old Dog Bridge (originally referred to as “Middle Ditch Bridge”) was the second Dog Park bridge to be built by S.O.D.A. Volunteers.  This important bridge located in the middle of the Dog Park connects the east and west sides and enables people to cross from side-to-side without having to go through the muddy, wet ditch.  Old Dog Bridge took S.O.D.A. Volunteers two weekends to build.  It was completed on Nov 26, 1996, a cold, snowy day!  Since then thousands & thousands of people and their dogs have crossed this bridge heading to the river and back & to play in the Gathering Area.