ADVANCED NOTICE:  One Hog Fuel Work Party is now left in 2019: Saturday, Oct 26 from 9am until DONE!  Save this date!

5 Piles of “Hog Fuel” are now left standing in Marymoor Dog Park.  We still need one more work party this Fall to get the last 5 piles spread.  With enough good volunteers participating, we should be able to accomplish this goal with ease and have a lot of fun – too boot!   Please save this date on your calendar and plan to attend.  For more information about the Oct 26 Hog Fuel Work Party please go to  You do not need to pre-sign-up for these work parties – just show up!   We are counting on you … thanks!

So what is “Hog Fuel”?    This is the most frequently asked question at this time of year when the trails are being resurfaced and the “hog fuel” piles dominate the Marymoor Dog Park horizon.  “HOG FUEL” is a byproduct of the timber industry.  In the olden days, the lumber yards were powered by huge furnaces called “Hog Furnaces”.  These “Hog Furnaces” were fueled by the sawdust, wood chips and other waste material left from the production of timber.  Hence, the product that we use to resurface trails is called “Hog Fuel”!  Hog fuel differs from beauty bark or standard wood chips because it has a high concentration of saw dust.  This is what makes this cedar product such a perfect trail surface for our very wet winter trails – the saw dust has a very high absorbency rate and its ability to adhere to the trail surface is superb.  You can help resurface trails with “Hog Fuel” at our Work Party on Sat, October 12th!  Remember: S.O.D.A. is a 100% Volunteer Organization – It’s FUN to Volunteer!