Sat, July 13 & Sat, July 20, 2019 S.O.D.A.’s Special Fencing Crew Volunteers replaced a total of 455ft of old Dog Park split-rail fencing!

On Sat, July 13, four S.O.D.A. Volunteers replaced 85ft of old fencing along an archaeologically sensitive section of the Pet Memorial Garden Fence line while working with the King County Parks Archaeologist who sifted the dirt from old fence post holes looking for possible artifacts. (None were found!)  On Sat, July 20, ten S.O.D.A. Volunteers finished the job by replacing 370ft of old split-rail fencing on both sides of Soggy Dog Bridge, then up the ditch line to and across the Pet Memorial Garden to where we had stopped working the week before.  This was especially hard because almost all of the fence post holes had to be dug out by hand – required by the archaeologist on July 13 and because the gas auger broke down on July 20!  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! volunteers for sticking with the task and getting the job done with enthusiasm!  Check out the July 20 and July 13 Fencing Work Party Galleries at and see who’s Smilin’