It is hard to believe that just a week has gone by since the Sammamish River crested and flowed into Marymoor Dog Park.  Tuesday (Feb 11) morning the flooded center of the Dog Park was closed to protect our fields and the health and safety of our dogs.  We are proud to say that the people who love Marymoor Dog Park have really stepped up to the plate and overwhelmed us with their OUTSTANDING COOPERATION by “avoiding” Marymoor and/or respecting Closure Signage at the Park.  I wish that we could come up with some “profound words” to express our appreciation, but sometimes the simple words THANK YOU! best express what needs to be said.  

AS LONG AS IT TAKES!  The current “closure” of the center of the Dog Park will definitely remain in place this weekend (Feb 15-16).  The good news is that some areas of standing water are receding, but realize that many of these areas are still saturated and fragile.  Please understand that it is a lot easier to take the time now to prevent dog activity damage and health issues than to try to fix them later.  S.O.D.A. will be assessing the situation next week and if the weather continues to co-operate and the Park continues to dry-out, we hope to be able to start opening up some areas on the north end of the Dog Park.  The south end of the Dog Park is a different “mess” of a story – it is still under water and it will probably take weeks, possibly months for it to dry out and be ready for usage again.  We know that this is a difficult situation for everyone, but we need for everyone to be patient and continue to exhibit the OUTSTANDING COOPERATION that is needed to protect our Dog Park.

Once again, THANK YOU!