NOTICE:  Marymoor Dog Park Flooding = a “Wet Mess”

Marymoor Dog Park is pretty much flooded everywhere now … big lakes with swimming ducks in the open fields and even many of our already soggy hog fuel trails are now covered with water and sinking mush … it has become difficult to get around.  S.O.D.A. has spent the month of January closing-off all the usual flood areas & sanding & graveling trails in an effort to keep water damage under control, but the rain that we had yesterday (Feb 5) and so far today (Feb 6) has done us in!  If as much rain comes through again tomorrow (Fri, Feb 7) as is supposed to, then surely the situation will worsen as the river is coming up quickly.  The Dog Park is a “wet mess” right now and we recommend that you walk your dog elsewhere until things get better.

Thank you!