The North Dog Park River Road will be closed from March 1 – March 10 for Fencing Replacement Project.

S.O.D.A. has applied for and received a King County Community Partnership Grant to replace the shoreline corral fencing along the north end of the Dog Park Sammamish River.  Our vendor, Town & Country Fence Inc. will begin the project on Mon, March 1.  The week of March 1 – 5 they will be tearing down the old fence, disposing of the debris and then setting the new posts.  The plan is to then install the rails Mon, March 8 – Wed, March 10.  S.O.D.A. will back-wire the new fence when it is completed.  Assuming that the weather co-operates, the new fencing project should be complete by March 10. 

The River Road from the north River Road Dog Park entrance to the 1st Dog Park river access will be  CLOSED 10 days during the tear-down of the old fence and the construction of the new fence.  The shoreline access to the river along this approximately 1,000ft, will be exposed during that time.  S.O.D.A. will be closing the Dog Park accesses to that stretch of the North River Road to the best of our ability with signage and orange construction fencing to keep people & dogs out.  PLEASE HELP by staying away from the closed project zone from March 1–March 10

Note:  The River Road and dog accesses to the river located SOUTH of this project will remain open.

Thank you!

S.O.D.A. (Serve Our Dog Areas)