SURELY YOU HAVE NOTICED?  On Thursday, March 18, fencing was installed by S.O.D.A. volunteers to close the area around the “heronry” in preparation for the babies’ arrival  

The heronry area is closed each year to protect you & your dogs from unsavory conditions below & around the nesting area.  Straw & grass seed have been spread under the nests to help absorb odors.  Lately, bald eagles have been visiting the heronry, scattering the adult herons off into the sky while preying on their eggs & leaving blue egg shells scattered on the straw below.  The heron will lay a second set of eggs by the time the leaves are on the trees and we should see lots of “babies” squawking in the nests by May.  The heron nests will be home to the babies for 65-90 days while they are nurtured by their parents, grow into adults and then fly away. The area will remain closed until nesting is complete in July. 

Enjoy this annual spectacle of nature and please keep out of the closed heronry area!