About Marymoor

About Marymoor

What is an off-leash dog park?

An off-leash dog park is a place for people to enjoy the company of their dogs off-leash.  Marymoor is an example of a model dog park.  Covering 40 acres, Marymoor Dog Park includes fields, woods and a river, with well maintained access beaches, paths, walkways and bridges.  Over six miles of looping trails offer a variety of dog walking opportunities.  Five river access points are available for dogs that like to swim and water retrieve.  Acres of natural fields are available for dog romping, fetching and exploring.  It is a myth that "dog parks are just for for dogs."  Rather, Marymoor Dog Park provides recreation for PEOPLE - over 1,000,000 visitations of people with their canine companions are made to Marymoor Dog Park each year, making it one of the most popular destinations for regional recreation!

$1.00 Parking Fee - Funding for King County Parks

Marymoor Park is part of the King County Park System.  A $1.00 Parking Fee was initiated in 2003 to help finance King County Parks.  Everyone who uses Marymoor Park must pay the $1.00 parking fee or face a $35.00 fine.  Pay Stations are located in both parking lots (D and G) that access Marymoor Dog Park.  Be sure to bring $1.00 if you plan on visiting Marymoor.  Please note that your $1.00 parking fee does not pay for Dog Park maintenance and operation costs - it goes to help pay for the costs of the King County Park System.  Your membership donations and extra contributions to S.O.D.A. are what pay for the maintenance and operation costs of the Dog Park.

Parking Lot Safety - Leash dogs & do not leave valuables in your car

The two parking lots that access Marymoor Dog Park are shared by other park activity users and are very busy.  For safety's sake, it is very important that your dog(s) are leashed while going to and from your vehicle and the dog park.  To prevent car break-ins, NEVER leave valuables in your car!

Plastic "pick-up" bags are provided

You are required by law to pick up your dog's feces and to properly dispose of it in the trash cans located throughout the dog park.  Plastic "pick-up" bags are located in dispensers next to most entrances and trash cans.  Plastic bags are paid for with your donations to S.O.D.A.!

Restroom Facility is provided

Located midway along the River Trail, is a sani-can facility available for your usage.  Please do not dispose of dog feces in the portable toilets.  Sani-can service is paid for with your donations to S.O.D.A.!

River water is available for dogs

The "Sammamish" is a fresh, flowing river that extends along Marymoor Dog Park's west border.  It is available for dog drinking needs at the 5 water access points.  Please bring your own water if you do not want your dog to drink river water.

Marymoor is a Voice Control Off-Leash Dog Area

Marymoor was established and is still intended for "voice control" off-leash dog recreation.  It is an open gated dog park.  While at the dog park, it is the responsibility of each dog owner to pay close attention to the whereabouts of their dog(s) and keep them under voice control at all times.  It is also their responsibility to make sure that their dog(s) are well trained and have adequate recall skills to be off-leash.  The success of our dog park depends on dog owners being responsible for their dog(s) and making good judgments about whether or not their dog(s) are good "voice control" off-leash area candidates.   Off-Leash does not mean out of control.

Be a Good Neighbor

Our Dog Park sits in the middle of Marymoor's 600-plus acres.  We are surrounded by "Neighbors" on all sides - sports fields, community gardens, and a nature area.  King County Parks has provided us with 40-acres to enjoy playing and exercising with our dogs.  Parks has also allocated specific areas to our "Neighbors" for carrying out and enjoying their activities.  If we expect others to respect our right to have an Off-Leash Dog Park, we MUST respect our "Neighbors'" right to have their areas, by keeping our dogs out-of or on-leash in areas out side the Dog Park boundary.

Enjoy your visit to Marymoor Dog Park!

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