Marymoor History & Video

Our History

S.O.D.A. began in June of 1987.  At that time our goal was to “Save Our Dog Area”.  The King County Parks Division planned to close the Marymoor off-leash area.  Eight years later, on June 19, 1995, a King County Council vote saved our dog park.  It was a long hard battle, but S.O.D.A. succeeded in convincing elected and park officials that off-leash recreation is an important and valuable use of park land.

Our Mission

Today, we have an equally important mission:  To become responsible users and stewards of our Marymoor Park Off-Leash Dog Area.  Thus, S.O.D.A. has taken on a new meaning:  “Serve Our Dog Areas”.  We are now a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  In 2020, after 25 years of successful management, S.O.D.A. entered into a new 5 year contract with King County to maintain and steward Marymoor Dog Park.  Our commitment to providing a well maintained public off-leash recreation area proves that our use of our Dog Park has been beneficial to all and harmful to none.

The Park User’s Role

“What can I do?” you might ask.  Read the list of DOGGIE DO’S, follow them and encourage new park users to do the same.  Join S.O.D.A. so that we have the funds we need to steward our park.  Volunteer – your time and dedication are our most valuable asset!  Remember that the Off-Leash Area is a valuable resource and treat it with care and respect at all times.

Marymoor – One of the BEST Dog Parks in the USA!

From 1995 thru 2021, over $1,182,827 and 40,000 volunteer hours of labor have gone into building and bridges, trails, fencing, shoreline restoration, field maintenance, purchasing of plastic pick-up bags and sani-can service.  S.O.D.A.’s dedication to protecting the environmental integrity and aesthetic beauty of Marymoor Dog Park has resulted in our ability to keep off-leash recreation thriving on the 40 acre parcel of land that was almost taken from us in 1995.  With over 800,000 visitations per year, Marymoor Dog Park is one of the most popular recreation destinations in Western Washington.  Our current maintenance & operations contract with King County mandates that the Dog Park be in the same condition at the end of the contract as it was at the beginning – it is there for us to enjoy NOT destroy!

See Marymoor’s History!   Filmed December 2000

S.O.D.A. needs your $upport

Please help us keep off-leash fun and activity at Marymoor by joining S.O.D.A.!